Why include castor oil in your cosmetic routine?

Indeed, our grandparents were used to using this remedy in cases of constipation. It was a powerful and economical remedy. But now we propose a radical change in the application of this valuable oil that was already used in the time of Cleopatra for cosmetic purposes.

Its nourishing and repairing properties for nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair have been rediscovered and are being incorporated into the most fashionable beauty rituals. We explain why.

Castor oil is a high viscosity, neutral, and penetrating odor. It is obtained from the cold pressure of the seeds of Ricinus Communis, a plant native to India and which is spread throughout our territory. Its cosmetic properties are due to its rich composition in omega nine fatty acids, 91%, with ricinoleic acid being its main activity. It is also made up of 4.5% omega 6, and another 4.5% saturated fatty acids.

You must make sure when buying this oil that is bio and virgin so that it is free of pesticides and does not contain any trace of ricin, which is a toxic substance present in the seed. Remember that castor vegetable oil cannot be ingested.

We propose three formulas to get the most out of it:

  1. FRAGILE NAILS: Applying a drop on each nail every night, you will notice a strengthening in a few weeks. If your nails tend to break and look dull with this daily gesture, you will have bright and healthy nails.
  2. EYELASHES: Applying a few drops directly with your fingers or adding it to your mascara.
  3. HAIR OFF AND WEAK: You can apply a few drops in your daily shampoo or directly wick by wick leaving it to act for 30 minutes as if it were a mask. We recommend that you put a damp towel with warm water for half an hour before washing your hair with your usual shampoo.

Do not forget that vegetable and essential oils hide valuable properties for skin and hair care. Ask us, and we will be happy to recommend the aromatherapy treatment most suitable for you.

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