Why don’t you protect your hair from the sun?

We choose the best photoprotection and after-sun products, depending on our age, hours of sun exposure, skin type … But why don’t we do the same with the hair?

This week we visited the headquarters of Rene Furterer where a specialist has explained to us the main summer aggressions that our hair suffers and has proposed a specific solar ritual.

The sun, chlorine, salt, sand, and wind are enemies to the brightness, luminosity, and hydration of our hair. “The hydrolipidic film is destroyed (protection that covers the entire surface of the scalp), the scales rise, and the keratin and pigments are altered, so that our hair becomes dry, rough, dull and difficult to comb,” we They explained. As for body photo protectors, we consult the SPF (Sun Protection Factor), there is a KPF protection index to have a reference about the level of protected keratin, which should be 90% in summer.

For example, undoubtedly, many of you complain that you have curly hair in summer. The cause is precise that the scales are raised and lose water. Hence the wool absorbs moisture from the environment. Your hair is asking for extra protection!

Also, it is essential to protect the hairline from UV rays when it is slowly discovered, as well as the entrances or areas most sensitive to hair loss, with a not very fatty lot.

A specific shampoo … and much more

Like Klorane and other hair care brands, Rene Furterer has taken out a particular line of sun care that we explained in detail. As in the case of the skin, they recommend a sunscreen, in this case with sesame oil as a natural activity. You can choose between two versions according to the desired effect: a fuel to achieve a good result or a protective sunscreen for a more natural and bulkier effect. Both are applied before sun exposure. They are handy, especially in dyed hair or with wicks since they are more sensitive to the dehydration process and summer aggressions.

The ‘Solaire’ line It also contains a nutrient-repairing shampoo with jojoba wax, cementum, and phospholipids as well as a shower gel for hair and body, a perfect two-in-one to go on a trip or to the gym.

After returning from the beach or pool

For the after-sun, in the same way, that you apply a body product after the shower, you must nourish your hair with a nourishing repair mask or achieve an instant detangling with a product such as the Moisturizing Mist (express care that does not need clearing up). If you don’t like masks, there are alternatives such as shea beauty oil (which you apply between 10 and 15 minutes before washing) or night cream, also shea, which leaves you feeling velvety when you wake up.

Both to apply the shampoo and the mask correctly, do not forget that we often make mistakes that make us waste product and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Curled hair products:

  1. To protect your hair with a sunscreen product: You can also opt for shea moisturizing day cream.
  2. To provide softness and silkiness without weighing more damaged hair: You can try the nutrient concentrate without shea rinse.
  3. To repair and prevent split ends: use a repair serum that also gives you shine, such as shea, which also does not need rinsing.
  4. To remove impurities and provide extra shine: Make the last rinse with Fioravanti Gloss Vinegar.

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