We have tested: Klorane quinine fall arrest line

When we lose our hair, the first thing we think about is to recover it, although, in reality, the most urgent thing is to stop the fall. To achieve this it is essential to diagnose the cause of alopecia thoroughly and apply a personalized treatment, which will include a hair treatment, but also an adequate diet and, if necessary, a nutritional supplement.

That’s why I take an iron supplement and, for my hair, I opted for the Klorane brand quinine shampoo. Quinine, a molecule extracted from the coast of Quina, a tree native to South America, and vitamin B are its main components and have a high fortifying power of hair follicles (where the hair is born and flooded).

The shampoo has a strong but pleasant aroma and has a drawback and is that it dries the hair. As a solution, I accompany the washing with the quinine balm of the same brand, which still has fortifying properties such as shampoo, but it is also detangling and revitalizing. Thus my hair recovers shine, and I comb it easily.

Remember the importance of correctly applying the shampoo, from the root to the middle of the mane and the balm always with wet hair after rinsing the shampoo and extending a small dose from the center of the brush to the tips. Leave on 2 or 3 minutes before the final rinse.

It is also vital to properly comb the hair down, without touching the root and with a brush with full spikes and round tip (which does not scratch the nose), and natural bristles to avoid static electricity. Try not to make ponytails or very tight hairstyles that damage the root.

According to the Klorane laboratory, quinine shampoo slows the fall by 80%. My conclusion is that my hair has more shine and more volume, besides noticing less loss, although without a doubt the food and supplements to treat the lack of iron have also contributed to it.

Do we lose more hair in autumn?

In autumn our hair is renewed. This the process is progressive throughout the year, but at this time it is more noticeable than in others. Typically, a healthy person is born again without the need for food supplements or hair treatments. And if you have long hair, you should know that it falls like the short one, only that it looks more and may seem the opposite. Do not be alarmed!

To reinforce my treatment, in autumn, when I notice more fall and also my hair needs an extra for the wear of the sun, salt and chlorine in summer, I add one of these two products to my routine:

1. The capsules fall arrest Quinoral :

It is a capsule treatment that provides essential nutrients, such as vitamin B6 and B8, selenium and zinc, to combat oxidative damage and provide keratin to the hair. Keep in mind that you are not fit if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

2. Falling fortifying serum:

It contains quinine to fortify and caffeine, which acts as a vehicle for quinine and reactivates hair growth because it awakens the hair follicle. In a week, you notice that the hair thickens and has more volume. It is applied two or three times a week for a minimum of a month and a half. It is excellent shock treatment. It is used after washing with the shampoo but with the hair already dry or drained.

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