Tips to prevent baldness or chronic hair loss

It occurs mostly in men (75%), but it also affects women (in 25% of cases). In men, baldness usually occurs in the area of ​​the crown and the front of the head. In the case of women, only at the upper level of the head and a little on the sides. Rarely does female baldness occur?

If you lose hair abundantly (much and very fast), you may have a fall called telogen effluvium that is temporary. If the fall is more diffuse, it can be a chronic hair loss, which can occur after the age of 45, after menopause, due to the decrease in estrogen. In both cases, we recommend that you make a hair diagnosis and we will tell you if you should go to the dermatologist or what treatment and diet you should carry out.

In the case of men, the androgenic fall can occur already when you are young and is usually genetic. Recovering lost hair is unlikely without resorting to techniques such as hair implants, hence the importance of early treatment to curb hair loss and delay cycles.

Recommended treatments

To prevent or stop the fall the most recommended treatment is a combination of food supplements with a suitable shampoo and a specific serum or ampoules since it is essential to strengthening the hair follicle so that the hair is born healthy and anchored. These products also facilitate the irrigation of the area and provide volume to the hair.

Within the capsules of food supplements, we usually recommend:

-Quinoidal, from Klorane: it consists of two tablets, one green, and another nacre color, containing:

  • Green pill: vegetable extracts of quinoa (to promote blood microcirculation in the hair bulb), quinoa and arugula (to help rebuild keratin as well as hair growth).
  • Pearly capsule: concentrated vitamins A, E and group B to revitalize and strengthen the hair.

-Lambdapil Hair Density, from ISDIN: It provides volume and promotes the growth of hair (and nails) by containing, among other components, biotin, zinc, and iron.

  • Biotin is a vitamin of group B whose lack is associated with health problems, including alopecia and brittleness in the nails. It is found in foods such as nuts, oats, salmon, onions, lettuce or legumes.
  • Zinc is an essential mineral for life, and that inhibits the production of male hormones that influence baldness. They are foods rich in zinc: turmeric, milk and dairy products, eggs, nuts, meat, and fish.
  • For its part, iron is essential for the proper functioning of the circulatory system and is responsible for transporting oxygen to the hair follicle.

Other supplements, lotions, or products include silicon, quinine, taurine or minoxidil, active ingredients that are also used in this type of treatment. Do not forget that a food supplement should never replace a healthy and nutrient balanced diet.

Shampoo and serum

Regenerating serum and a treatment shampoo is also essential to prevent the fall. Among the plasma, we recommend two:

  • Triphasic by Rene Furterer, which facilitates cutaneous microcirculation, excessive sebum production, prolongs the duration of the anagen phase (hair growth stage) and reinforces the root anchorage in the scalp.
  • Klorane hair loss fortifying serum, which, like all its hair loss line, contains quinoa bark, a quinine-rich Peruvian tree, which has properties to strengthen hair and stimulate its growth. The rest of the route consists of shampoo and detangling conditioner, which encourage weakened hair.

Two other shampoos that we recommend are:

  • Martiderm Anti-Aging Hair Loss Shampoo: Activates the production of collagen through hyaluronic acid, a carbohydrate that naturally produces our body but begins to decrease with age and is essential for skin and hair anti-aging. It is very moisturizing and recommended to prevent the fall. If the reason for the fall is excess fat, which can clog the hair follicle and cause it to fall, you should opt for Anti-Seborrheic Hair Loss Shampoo, which contains salicylic acid.
  • Forticea, by René Furterer: It contains 99% natural assets and is the most suitable if you are pregnant and want to strengthen your hair and prevent postpartum hair loss. Its texture is a gel and contains essential oils of orange, lavender, rosemary, and pfaffia or Brazilian ginseng.
  • Is pain Lambdapil Hair Density: With plant-based active ingredients, it keeps the scalp clean and free of fat and does not contain chemicals that can clog the hair follicle. Contains zinc, biotin, and vitamins of group B.

Autumn and spring are the times of the year when there is more seasonal fall, but in these cases, the hair grows back. If there is an androgenic fall, you should not take into account the seasons but try to prevent and anticipate hair loss as soon as possible. For this, we recommend that you come to make a capillary diagnosis, which indicates the state of the follicles and the capillary density.

To prevent it, remember also:

  • Use natural and wide bristle combs and brush or combs without pulling.
  • Fixing products (lacquer, gum, foams …) must be natural and not applied to the scalp.
  • Avoid dryers, irons, or any excessive heat impact.
  • Protect hair and scalp from the sun.

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