The 5 most common mistakes in hair care

We must bear in mind that throughout our life, it goes through many situations such as dyes, a bad treatment, the lime of the water, the sun, the passing of the years, and a lousy way of washing and combing it … Yes, you read correctly! I have sinned some mistakes when it comes to maintaining it … over time and many courses I have learned that I was not doing well, and that is that nobody teaches us to wash and comb our hair. It seems silly, but that causes us to weaken our hair, peel and open the ends before, itching occurs, and one of the most frequent things is that we greased very often.

So I will describe the most common mistakes and how not to make them:

Error 1: Confuse treatment shampoo that one often used

The frequently used is suitable for use every day, but those for treatment, such as for oily, dry, anti-hair loss, volumizer, etc …, are applied according to a pattern that is usually 2 or 3 times per week If they cannot cause injuries and an unwanted effect on the scalp.

Error 2: How to apply the shampoo

The shampoo is used by distributing it only to the root and scalp since the rest of the hair has not become dirty, we do not sweat at the tips; It is circularly massaged only at the source without touching the length of the hair. The reason is that each strand has a flaky texture, and by pressing all the nose we are creating friction between each hair eliminating the scales and losing hair components such as keratin among others.

Error 3: Apply fabric softener or root mask

The roots are healthy and active if not, some specific shampoos and tablets act directly on this area. The softener should be applied along with the hair without touching the roots and without creating friction for the reason it is the same as stated in error 2.

In short, you don’t have to collect all the hair on the head and massage.

Error 4: The way to comb our hair

This advice goes especially for long hair and long hair. You should always search the tips first and then go up little by little. And more if there are tangles.

Error 5: Abuse irons, dryers, tongs

Hairdryers should be used at a moderate temperature and with diffusers to avoid what is known as “bubble hair” due to excess heat. The ideal is always to dry it with a towel and leave it in the air. It is also inadvisable to use irons, tongs, or tweezers with heat, which spoil the hair and can even include in the fall.

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