Sleeping on a satin pillowcase: 6 benefits for your hair

No ‘sleep-friendly’ hairstyle can withstand my nocturnal bustle. My version of ‘Out of Bed Hair’ is therefore not nearly as sexy as the one in commercials.

In any case, that was true, until I bought a satin duvet cover and laid my head on a lovely satin pillow what an oasis of luxury is that! And what a difference it makes for your hair! Although I don’t dare say that my ‘Out of Bed Hair’ is sexy now, it is at least presentable.


Contrary to what many people think – and one of those people was me one hour ago – satin is not a fabric but a fabric. Thanks to a unique weaving technique, the yarns can be woven much closer together. And that leads to a wonderfully smooth, luxurious material that brings a lot of benefits to your hair.

The benefits of a satin pillowcase:

1. Less fluff

Unlike fabrics such as polyester and cotton, satin does not absorb moisture from your hair due to the unique way it is woven. It also consumes less of your hair products or oil from your hair. This keeps it better hydrated, and you have fewer problems with fluff.

2. Fewer split points

You may think that you are comfortable on your pillow, but it is just sandpaper in disguise. While you are tossing, the fabric of your pillow brushes against your hair. At this moment the scales (the top layer of your hair) are pushed up, and some even break off.

Damage and breakage of the scales will expose the inner part of your hair. Your hair will unravel, and that causes the famous broken and split points.

Satin is much softer for your hair, your hair glides over it, and the scales stay much better flat.

3. Shiny hair

As we have just learned, the scales rise because they rub over the fabric of your pillow. With satin, your hair glides over the pad, and the scales stay nicely flat. Open (or absent) scales absorb light. This makes your hair look duller. Beautiful closed scales, on the other hand, reflect light, and that makes your hair look a lot shinier. Watch out: Soon, your hair will shine as much as satin when you get up in the morning. 😉

4. Fewer tangles

Getting up is hard enough. But then you also stand in front of the mirror with the impossible job of turning a jungle of tangles into a decent-looking bundle. Fortunately, that is a much smaller job thanks to satin.

Here too the scales come around again. The raised scales easily hook into each other, which leads to tangles. Sleeping on satin results in far fewer knots at night. And that saves time, valuable time, which suddenly makes it justified to stay in your bed for half an hour longer – uhm 5 minutes.

5. Better preserved hairstyles

I was a bit skeptical, but it saves a lot! I braid my hair, and even without a rubber band I still have a braid in my hair the next day – though, half a twist then. And because I have fewer tangles, I can enjoy braided curls, because I don’t have to comb them out!

I hardly dare to get out of bed like that and go into the outside world with my braid, but it doesn’t matter much.

6. Benefits for your skin too

Satin not only has benefits for your hair, but you also help your skin with it. It also remains better hydrated, and you suffer less from irritation because your skin does not rub over your pillow.

Cotton also absorbs your creams, but you won’t be bothered by satin. So your night cream can do its job better.

If satin would also work away circles, I would be thrilled, but perhaps that is just too much to ask.

Buy satin pillowcase

Convinced of the effect of satin and would you also like to purchase such a pillowcase? You will find me sleeping at night under a duvet cover from the Nightlife brand.

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