Rapunzels of today: These women have really long hair!

I don’t want to have it myself for a long time. Although I do draw the line for myself at the hip. But that doesn’t stop me from admiring super long hair – like that of the ladies below. Because of how beautiful it is! (Although short hair can also be lovely though);)

Sonya Cristy – Knee length

When I saw a photo of Sonya’s hair on Pinterest, my mouth fell open. I think I’ve been staring at the gallery for fifteen minutes. What beautiful hair this woman has and what a particular color!

After she was told repeatedly by foremost hairdressers (they even came hairdresser uitgestormd especially) that she should grow her hair long because the money would be worth, the Australian Sonya decided this at its 20 e also have to do.

More than 15 years later, her hair comes down to her knees, and she doesn’t think about cutting it. Although she says that it is nice to know that she could sell her hair, she was once short of cash.

Andrea Colson – Ankle length

This always cheerful-looking lady listens to the name Andrea Colson. Originally from America, she has been living in Micronesia for many years because of her work as a Baptist missionary.

Andrea’s beautiful hair reaches down to her ankles. She maintains a CWC (conditioner-wash-conditioner) routine and, according to her own words, her big secret for faster-growing hair is eating a spoonful of peanut butter a day.

Terelynn Russell – Floor-length

This 43-year-old mother of five is not the only woman with long hair at home. Terelynn’s hair is 185 cm longer than she is, but her three daughters can also do something about it.

According to an article from 2014 is her eldest daughter Callan (11) 94cm, Cendalyn (9) gets her elder sister with almost 92cm and three e in line Chesney (6) has a hair length of 68cm. Little Chapin (1) is also starting to show a bunch of hair on her head. The two men in the house, son Chaz (8) and man Chip, however, both have short hair.

Terelynn and her daughters regularly participate in long-tail competitions (yes that is one thing in America) and have already taken home many prizes.

Marianne – Ankle length

The German Marianne decided at its 8th e all to grow her hair long. She was in ballet and wanted to be able to make a beautiful bun. Now almost 30 years later, the brown, curly hair of Marianne comes to her ankles, and according to the intro of her site, it is now 161 cm long.

Crystal Gayle – Ankle length

Country singer Crystal Gayle breaks the taboo on long hair in women after a certain age. During her entire career, she has long had her, and now her 64 e rocks she still dark, almost black hair (on the photo above looks brighter the light) that reaches her ankles. How tough is that!

JJJHair – Floor-length

This woman is a big mystery, and she wants to keep it that way. We don’t know her name, and we never see her face on photos and videos. What we do know is that her hair has reached a fantastic length of 203 cm and that she has been growing it since 2005.

She would rather not have her photos distributed, but JJJ has its site where you can admire her hair and a YouTube channel. However, the woman herself remains hidden behind the nose.

Claudia Klein – Calf length

China, America, and even Micronesia. No, the above ladies don’t exactly live around the corner. But this Rapunzel, it just comes from the Netherlands. Who knows, she might live in your area!

Because I thought that a Dutch person should not be missing from this list, I asked Claudia, who I know from the Dutch / Belgian hair forum Raponsje, if I could post a photo of her long hair and some info, and she was so sweet to say yes say. Super awesome!

Claudia has always had long hair. In her teenage days, she’s one time of a classic long bob cut at shoulder height, but since her 30 e, she keeps her at length to calf or knee.

The reason she has it long is that she can vary a lot with it, she says that she loves doing updos and making braids. But occasionally she gives her beautiful long hair freedom and wears it loose or in a ponytail.

You may think that long hair is way too much work, but something that you see with almost all the ladies is that they have a relatively simple routine. For example, Claudia’s method is merely washing and conditioner. She removes her hair with a SLES-containing shampoo and uses only non-silicone products.

And what a bit of luck for us. Claudia has its own YouTube channel! So if you want to see more of her hair and are you curious about how to make hairstyles with long hair, then take a look.

There are many other Rapunzels spread around the world. Here the longest hair I could find:

  • Smita Srivastava – 2.1 m – India
  • Ni Linmei – 2.44 m – China
  • Dia Yue Qin – 4.2 m – China
  • Xie Qiuping – 5.63m – China – Holder Guinness Record Longest Hair in the World

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