How should I take care of my hair during pregnancy?

Its effects may vary depending on each woman and the stage of pregnancy in which she is. In some cases, the hair becomes more oily, weakened, and dull. In others, it strengthens and acquires more shine or changes texture from being curled to more straight. And other future moms keep their hair the same, without being sensitive to any alteration.

It is best not to lower your guard in any case and take good care so that in the postpartum when hormonal levels are leveled, you are strong and healthy.

Follow the following tips, and you will improve the health and appearance of your hair to find yourself better in pregnancy:

1. As usual, we recommend you to have a healthy and complete diet.

2. The vitamin complex that your doctor or pharmacist has indicated, in addition to folic acid, usually contains vitamin B that helps strengthen the hair root, in addition to other nutrients that contribute to its proper condition such as selenium, zinc, iodine or DHA (fatty acid belonging to the Omega 3 family).

3. When washing your hair, keep in mind, depending on your hair type:

  • Dry and brittle hair: hormones can cause the secretion of scalp fats and make you gain vitality and shine and, therefore, look prettier. You will have to wash it more frequently with a neutral pH shampoo so as not to give it more fat.
  • Oily hair: we should wash the hair more frequently, using a grease shampoo that is at the same time gentle and does not irritate the scalp. Do not abuse the conditioners, when moisturizing they also usually provide fat and choose a specific one to unravel the tips.
  • Healthy hair: It will be greased a little more than usual, and it will be enough to use mild shampoo often used.

In all three cases use a mask once a week, so that your hair, which may be more brittle, does not break with the detangled and combed. Always wash your hair with warm water, if it is boiling it can irritate the scalp, and with products as natural as possible, such as 5 Sensor Forticea, by Rene Furterer.

4. Avoid using dryers and irons, as their heat damages and weakens the hair.

5. Comb gently, especially when the hair is wet, with round-pointed combs that do not scratch the scalp.

6. During the first trimester of pregnancy, it is not advisable to dye your hair, either with henna or with chemical and vegetable dyes. The best option if you have gray hair is to hide them with light wicks, which are safe because they do not touch the scalp. From the second trimester, you can use vegetable dyes without ammonia, although it is always preferable to maintain your natural color.

7. Avoid molded, permanent or smoothed (for example with keratin), since its effects on pregnancy are poorly investigated.

8. It is essential not to use hair loss treatments (also in capsules) without consulting your specialist since its composition may be contraindicated. If, after the birth of your baby, hair loss notes, contact us to give you a suitable product that is compatible with breastfeeding.

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