How easy to choose a hairdressing chair?

Modern business conditions, such as high competition, force most entrepreneurs to actively compete for customers. Of course, no one is talking about the need to fight with their fists, however, certain efforts will have to be made in order to achieve high levels of competitiveness in the market of hairdressing and cosmetic services. So, you need to create a high-quality service, which can be realized only by providing a comfortable work for the master and convenience for the client. This is precisely the goal pursued by the creators of hairdressing chairs. What it is? This is a special chair, the design of which took into account the peculiarities of the work of a specialist engaged in cutting, painting, styling, as well as performing other actions with the hair of clients who have trusted him.
Look salon chair comparison, if you need help.

Thus, the overwhelming majority of chairs designed to serve clients of beauty salons have a lift, it is he who allows you to adjust the height of the seat. There are three types of lift: screw, pneumatic and hydraulic. In the first case, in order to adjust the height, the master will have to twist the chair. If the lift is pneumatic, it will be only a little more difficult: you can raise the seat only if it is empty, and lower it when someone is sitting in the chair. So, from a convenience point of view, a hydraulic lift is most acceptable, which can be used regardless of whether someone is in the chair. However, depending on the type of lift, hairdressing chairs have different costs and, as a rule, the use of a functional one, very convenient in daily use.

It is worth remembering that hairdressers use many chemicals in their work: paints, varnishes, emulsions, and others. You should take care of the practicality of the chairs used so that the upholstery materials allow you to easily remove any dirt from the surface and treat them with standard disinfectants. The best upholstery options are all kinds of leather substitutes and, of course, the leather itself. In addition, you will have to make sure that the hairdresser’s chairs fit into the interior of the room and fully match the colors of the rest of the furniture.

If you write about the chairs, but from the point of view of the salon customers, then in addition to the lift, they should have armrests and a footrest. However, you can buy a hairdressing chair without a footrest – the latter, if desired, can be purchased separately. In addition, some hairdressing chairs can be equipped with a removable headrest, which makes some hairdressing procedures easier when the client’s head needs to be held still for a long time.

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