How a wrong pH value can ruin your hair (Part 1)

While on the other hand, a proper pH value contributes to healthy and shiny hair. Let’s take a look at how that works correctly and what you can do yourself to bring the pH value of your hair up to date and to maintain it.

What does pH value mean?

The pH value is used to indicate how acidic or basic something is. What happens in the numbers 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is seen as neutral. Everything underneath is seen as acidic, from slightly acidic to sharp acidic. And everything above seven is seen as necessary, again varying from somewhat basic to strongly basic. Each step is x10. A pH value of 6 is therefore 10x as acidic as pH-7, and pH 5 is 100x (10 * 10) as acidic as pH-7.

The pH value of your hair

Research shows that hair responds best to a pH value of around 3.67. So that’s pretty sour! If the hair has a pH value of 3.67, then it reaches a so-called neutral charge, with no positive or negative electrical charge.

The pH value of your scalp

The scalp has a similar amount to the rest of your skin. It is slightly less acidic than your hair.

It is often thought that our skin has an average pH value of 5.5. But recent research shows that this is not true at all. After the test persons had not applied any products to their skin for 24 hours, the pH value dropped much lower. The average pH value of your skin is, therefore, 4.7.

pH value and hair products

Your hair products also all have their pH value. This pH value mixes, as it were, with the pH value of your hair and scalp. The pH value of your hair and scalp changes as a result and can become more acidic or more essential due to a product. It is, therefore, crucial to use products with a similar pH value to that of your hair and scalp.

Tested: shampoos

Unfortunately, producers are not yet fully aware of the importance of the pH value. For example, in a study, 123 shampoos available in Europe were tested for their pH value and whether it was higher or lower than pH 5.5.

It turned out that only about 38% of the shampoos had a pH value of 5.5 or less. And even less than 7% had a pH value of 5 or less, which is best for your scalp and hair.

You are the safest with professional shampoos; these are mainly available at the hairdressers. None of those shampoos had a pH value that exceeded 6. On the other hand, you can better avoid children’s shampoos. Due to the no-tear concept, the pH value of these shampoos is always around 7.

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