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Changes in skin, hair, and hair during menopause (Part 2)

The hair in menopause Also, at the hair level, we find changes. Hair growth slows, and hair becomes thinner and shorter, which sometimes results in a certain degree of alopecia. The scalp, as in the rest of the skin, becomes drier. If the hormonal mismatch is more significant, with high levels of androgens or a family history of baldness, it is possible to find female androgenic alopecia. This alopecia is not exclusive to menopause andContinue reading

10 reasons why coconut oil is the best oil for your hair (Part 1)

And that enthusiasm is contagious because I started applying it more to my hair with great success. I notice the difference! So now it is for me to light you with my enthusiasm! Are you not yet convinced of the proper functioning of coconut oil? Here are ten reasons that will make you change your mind: 1. Ensures better-hydrated hair Hair treated with coconut oil retains more moisture. On the other hand, the hair alsoContinue reading

5-step routine to take care of your hair in summer

Fortunately, we are increasingly aware of the importance of using photoprotection on the body and face, but it is still a pending issue to take care of our hair and scalp from the harmful effects of UV rays to avoid burns, keratosis and other skin diseases. Also, excess sun breaks, burns, and makes our hair porous, which loses shine and nutrients, turns off the colors and lightens natural tones, especially the blond ones. On theContinue reading

How a wrong pH value can ruin your hair (Part 1)

While on the other hand, a proper pH value contributes to healthy and shiny hair. Let’s take a look at how that works correctly and what you can do yourself to bring the pH value of your hair up to date and to maintain it. What does pH value mean? The pH value is used to indicate how acidic or basic something is. What happens in the numbers 0 to 14. A pH of 7Continue reading

10 reasons why coconut oil is the best oil for your hair (Part 2)

6. Penetrates deep into your hair Coconut oil is a triglyceride of lauric acid. Put more simply: it is a triple fat consisting mainly of lauric acid. Lauric acid is a fatty acid that also occurs naturally in our skin oil (wax). So it’s not so strange that your hair responds well to coconut oil. And because of its low molecular weight and linear straight chain, may coconut oil is also another easily penetrate theContinue reading

Changes in skin, hair, and hair during menopause (Part 1)

Let’s start with the skin. The skin in menopause Menopause causes dry skin and decreased elasticity. The elastin and collagen fibers degrade, and the skin becomes thinner. All this produces a duller, rougher appearance, with more significant sagging and lower luminosity. Also, estrogens, which control the functioning of melanocytes, cells responsible for skin tone, decrease, losing control over melanin and causing the appearance of pigmentation spots that cause the sound to stop being uniform, especiallyContinue reading

The 5 most common mistakes in hair care

We must bear in mind that throughout our life, it goes through many situations such as dyes, a bad treatment, the lime of the water, the sun, the passing of the years, and a lousy way of washing and combing it … Yes, you read correctly! I have sinned some mistakes when it comes to maintaining it … over time and many courses I have learned that I was not doing well, and that isContinue reading

How a wrong pH value can ruin your hair (Part 2)

Because how often do you see the term come by at all? Very occasionally you may see pH-neutral on a product sometime, but to say that that is very often. So how important can it be? What happens to your hair when the pH value is too high (> 5)? The negative energy in your hair increases, and the hair scales become soft and open up. This leads to: More tangles More fluff Dull hairContinue reading