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5 easy hairstyles for bedtime

Or do you continuously wake up at night because your hair is stuck under your beloved partner or even between your armpit ( Armpit? Yes armpit! Wait until it happens to you.) Or did you think you had a good haircut for the night? , but appears to be slightly uncomfortable? In other words: Are you close to despair, and are you anxious to go to bed for fear of what the night will bringContinue reading

Rapunzels of today: These women have really long hair!

I don’t want to have it myself for a long time. Although I do draw the line for myself at the hip. But that doesn’t stop me from admiring super long hair – like that of the ladies below. Because of how beautiful it is! (Although short hair can also be lovely though);) Sonya Cristy – Knee length When I saw a photo of Sonya’s hair on Pinterest, my mouth fell open. I think I’veContinue reading