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How should I take care of my hair during pregnancy?

Its effects may vary depending on each woman and the stage of pregnancy in which she is. In some cases, the hair becomes more oily, weakened, and dull. In others, it strengthens and acquires more shine or changes texture from being curled to more straight. And other future moms keep their hair the same, without being sensitive to any alteration. It is best not to lower your guard in any case and take good careContinue reading

The best foods for healthy hair

When you have a nutritional deficiency or a health problem, your hair can suffer the consequences. Therefore, to have healthy hair, we have to follow a correct diet, with a balanced supply of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Here are the most important and in what foods you can find them: Sulfur: Essential in the production of keratin (the protein that brings strength and volume to the hair), you can consume it in vegetablesContinue reading

Why don’t you protect your hair from the sun?

We choose the best photoprotection and after-sun products, depending on our age, hours of sun exposure, skin type … But why don’t we do the same with the hair? This week we visited the headquarters of Rene Furterer where a specialist has explained to us the main summer aggressions that our hair suffers and has proposed a specific solar ritual. The sun, chlorine, salt, sand, and wind are enemies to the brightness, luminosity, and hydrationContinue reading

We have tested: Klorane quinine fall arrest line

When we lose our hair, the first thing we think about is to recover it, although, in reality, the most urgent thing is to stop the fall. To achieve this it is essential to diagnose the cause of alopecia thoroughly and apply a personalized treatment, which will include a hair treatment, but also an adequate diet and, if necessary, a nutritional supplement. That’s why I take an iron supplement and, for my hair, I optedContinue reading

10 recommendations to take care of your hair after summer

The intensity of the sun’s rays and the prolonged exposure to the sun, the saltpeter, the sand, the chlorine of the pool and the constant humidity make your hair dry and dehydrate. That is why you will notice that your hair is more matte, dull, with split ends or malnourished, especially if you have it beautiful, with wicks or with color. That is because the hair is naturally covered with a substance called keratin. ItContinue reading