Discover your hair length with the hair length scheme!

To make it easier for you – and myself – I made an overview of all hair lengths, names, and abbreviations. With, I hope, clear descriptions at which point of your body you have reached a certain height. Both viewed from the front – as I prefer to keep it – and viewed from the rear.

The main lengths

Short shaved (Buzzcut)

This speaks for itself. A clean slate to start all over again.

Eyebrows (Pixie, EbL: Eyebrow Length)

In principle, a Pixiecut is everything that lies between a shaved head and ear, but for the sake of convenience, we have held the highest point of the eyebrow here.

Ear (EL: Ear Length)

This means the bottom of your ear, the earlobe. You reach this point when your hair covers your ears.

Chin / Neck (CL: Chin Length)

Here you keep either the middle of your chin on (front) or about the middle of your neck (behind). Hair without short layers at this length is often called a bob.

The trunk lengths

Clavicle / Shoulder (SL: Shoulder Length)

For: We take the center of the collarbone here as a measurement point for the front. If you follow the collarbone outwards, you end up with the shoulder head.

Rear: You keep your shoulder on the back, not the point where your neck ends because that is just a little higher than our measuring point.

Armpit (APL: Armpit Length)

Front & Back: It is best to keep your arms close to your body (one arm is the most practical). The measuring point is where the separation between trunk and limb begins. If you put a hand between your armpit is the measuring point where you can no longer go up with your hand.

Chest Length / Shoulder Blade (BSL: Bra Strap Length)

For: Breast length is reached if your hair touches the nipple (do not confuse it with the areola which starts higher).

Rear: Get rid of that bra as a measuring point, we keep the bottom of the shoulder blade nice.

7th rib or Sternum / Mid-back (Mid-back)

For: When your hair reaches the bottom of your breasts, you are on ‘mid-back.’ Because breasts can vary a lot, there are other points that you can keep: the 7th rib or the point where the breastbone ends.

Rear: Unfortunately, there is not a clear measuring point at the back. But initially, mid-back is precisely between the armpit and waist. It helps to draw a line backward from the front with your hands.

Waist (WL: Waist Length)

Front & Back: The waist measurement point is approximately where your rib cage ends, right under your last rib. For some people, this is the point where the waist is the narrowest. Do not confuse your navel. It is often lower than the measurement point.

The leg lengths

Hip (HL: Hip Length)

Front & Back: If you put the little finger of your hand in your waist and slide down, you end up with a bone, which is also our measuring point. That bone is the intestinal bone, the most excellent part of your hip. For a hip, we keep the top of the hip here and not the widest point of your hips.

Lies / Stuitje (TBL: Tailbone Length)

Rear: The tailbone is the last vertebra of our backbone and is a remnant of our tail. The ultimate point of your tailbone is meant as a measuring point. You follow your entire spine downwards until it stops and you have reached the measuring end.

For: The tailbone is approximately at the height of the middle of your groin.

It is sometimes said that you have reached a tailbone when you sit down and your hair falls on the chair. But then you have just got over it. Yeah!

Seat length or Classic (Classic / Fingertip Length)

Rear: You have achieved classic if your hair covers your buttocks and you could even sit on it.

For: The best way to measure this at the front is to put your hand under your groin and then hold the bottom of your hand as the measuring point.

* Sometimes the end of your fingers is also attached for this length. For this, let your arms hang over your body, if your hair touches the tip of your middle finger, you can call it fingertip/fingertip length.

Thigh (Mid-Thigh)

This means the middle of the thigh. When you have reached this point, you can finally really cover the intimate parts with your hair like a true Godiva!

Knee (KL: Knee Length)

Front: At the front, we mean the middle of the knee.

Rear: At the back, the measurement point is the knee, between your upper leg and lower leg.

Calf (Calf)

Rear: Here, too, the middle is meant, only from your calf.

Front: The shin is at the front, but at ‘leg lengths’ you can also measure on the side instead of the front.

Single (Ankle)

Here too, it is best to measure this point on the side. Make sure that you keep the outer ankle and not your inner ankle.

Ground + (Rapunzel / FL: Floor Length)

The name says it all; if your hair touches the ground, then you have arrived at the last measuring point. That does not mean that your hair can not be much longer; on the contrary, your hair can still be 3x as long!


Hair lengths on a real person

Of course, we are not all as standard as the puppet in the diagram. So here as an example, the hair lengths indicated with a photo of the front and the back of my body.

My construction is the shape of a pear. And before you start shouting “But you’re so slim!”, That means I have wide hips ( 86 cm), a slim waist ( 60 cm), regular chest width ( 78 cm), short legs (+/- 50% of my height ) ) and have a long back. The torso lengths such as waist, therefore, last an eternity for me, but after that, it suddenly goes a lot faster.

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