8 things for my hair that I really can’t do without

This entire adventure made me think about which hair gear I really can’t do without. What is indispensable for me and my hair? This article was created with the support of the Mystraightener blog.

Eight things for my hair that I really can’t do without:

Tangle Teezer

Sheep. I didn’t need more reason than that to purchase a Tangle Teezer. After brushing the first few times, I didn’t like it at all. It was just a clumsy thing with far too short pins and no handle. Within a month, I could not live without it, and I now use it every day. When it comes to removing tangles, this is simply the brush you need.


People always joke that you probably use liters of shampoo with long hair. But let me tell you a secret: there is much more conditioner on long hair than shampoo.

I can do without shampoo, but the conditioner is a necessity. I even think that I wash my hair more often with conditioner than with shampoo haha.


This is just the ideal hair accessory. There is nothing about a flex-8 that can be harmful to your hair. You can secure almost any hairstyle with it. They look beautiful and can even make a simple bun special. They come in all shapes and sizes. No wonder my collection has grown to more than ten flexes within two years.

The only drawback is that they are only for sale in America and since the purchase is made through another company, prices have also gone up. Fortunately, they do have regular discount promotions.


People are always surprised when they see so many white T-shirts hanging on my laundry rack. “When do you wear it, at night or something?” – ‘Uhm, nope almost every day…. On my head … For half an hour then. ” My hair that is the only reason why I have a white T-shirt because I will never put it on.

I have been drying my hair with it for half a year now, and I notice that it makes a difference, especially for my hair texture. Since I use T-shirts, my light stroke comes out much more careful, and I have a lot less trouble with fluff and static hair.


Oil is an absolute must for my tips. I always used a bit of oil but kept struggling with split and dried points. I recently switched to nocturnal oil turns for my hair with coconut oil, which I then rinse with conditioner in the shower. And what a difference, I think that it means I have to cut a whole lot less.


I don’t want anything else anymore. When I sleep, it is on silk, under a cloth and preferably in the material.

This is a relatively new addition to my list because I have only had a satin duvet cover for two months. And now I have two satin duvet covers. It sleeps wonderfully! And it saves a lot of damage to my hair.

If only I had not been so stubborn and listened years ago to everyone who kept saying that satin was so great for your hair. Better late than never…

Neutral Henna

Cassia obovata, that’s the name of the plant this powder is made from. But because it has similar effects with henna, only without the red color is it called neutral henna. And there is also the risk that you confuse it with cassia, a cinnamon-like spice that you do not want on your head.

This is my salvation against Seborroic Eczema. Is it going away from it? No. But without it, I would always suffer from itching, flakes, inflammation, sandy grains, and even hair loss. So if I start to get a little itch, this is the first thing that goes on my scalp. And it is also perfect for your hair.

Hairdressing scissors

I can’t even cut paper straight, so no way I’m going to cut my precious hair myself. That was my opinion up to 2 years ago. Then I went to the hairdresser, and he abused my hair so severely and cut off so much that I felt the need to sit down and cry in a corner. And I had paid 80 euros for that. So I decided to buy good hairdressing scissors and to try it myself. If I ruined it, then I could only blame myself.

Now it is finally starting to become useful, and I cut it when I think it is necessary and as much as I believe it is required. And very very very occasionally I go to a hairdresser – and there is only one hairdresser that I trust – when I think ‘Now I want a professional hand to cut a gentle U-shape.’ But for the rest, really not, I’m doing it myself. And it saves me a lot of hair and a lot of money.

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