5-step routine to take care of your hair in summer

Fortunately, we are increasingly aware of the importance of using photoprotection on the body and face, but it is still a pending issue to take care of our hair and scalp from the harmful effects of UV rays to avoid burns, keratosis and other skin diseases.

Also, excess sun breaks, burns, and makes our hair porous, which loses shine and nutrients, turns off the colors and lightens natural tones, especially the blond ones.

On the other hand, the water of the sea or the pool alters its hydrolipidic film (protective film or mantle that we have on both our skin and our hair) and makes it drier and brittle. Keratin is also degraded, especially breaking the ends and defragmenting the hairstyle. It is not recommended to comb and drain the hair when it is wet, and it is a good idea to go to the beach and bathe with the hair collected, for example in a braid, always letting it air dry.

The routine we recommend for this summer is aimed at moisturizing and repairing your hair, as well as avoiding burns and other problems derived from the excess sun:

1. Commissioning

Before starting the summer, cut your hair to eliminate split ends (by using a hairdryer, irons, …), and if you want to have straight and less frizzy hair, get a keratin treatment that provides an extra of this hair protein. If you are going to apply color, it is preferable to do it at least fifteen days before exposure to the sun, so that the coloration is better fixed. If your hair is wavy and thin, take the opportunity to let it air dry with a little foam and avoid the dryer. We also recommend that you make a hair diagnosis to find out what state your hair is in and if you need any special treatment.

2. Sun protection

To avoid sun damage before going to the beach, just as we put sunscreen on the body, we must do it on our hair and scalp. We recommend Solaire, the Rene Furterer line with KNF 90 keratin protection factor, which consists of two products with sesame extract, a natural photoprotector rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and mineral salts: an oil for dry hair and a fluid For oily or normal hair.

As with the skin, apply it half an hour before going to the beach or exposing yourself to the sun and renew the application every two hours.

The Sensilis sun line also includes a dry hair protection oil and tips with argan oil, flax, avocado, and vitamin E, with SPF 15 sun protection factor. You can also use it before going to the gym or putting on the pool cap since oils create a film that protects you from chlorine or sweat.

Also, in the sunniest hours, always use a hat or a handkerchief to protect it. It is important to note that keratin protection does not prevent burns, and if you have entrances or a sparsely populated area, you must use an oil-free photoprotector to avoid burning.

3. After sunbathing

At the end of the sun exposure, we can apply the aftersun solar hair, the mist of Rene Furterer, which in addition to repair, untangles the hair so that it is easy to comb it.

4. Shampoo and balm

When washing our hair after a day at the beach or pool, we must use a therapeutic shampoo that removes the remains of salt and chlorine. Solaire, by Rene Furterer, is composed of jojoba extract (indicated for hair regeneration) and cementum, a natural complex obtained from soy that restructures both hair and scalp.

As a balm or softener, you can choose a repair or other that you use throughout the year as a treatment: to take care of the color, add volume, … We will guide you about the most appropriate.

5. Weekly mask

Complete the routine with a nutritious shea mask once a week. If you have oily hair, use one that is rich in green clay, with astringent properties, such as Curbicia by Rene Furterer, a shampoo-mask with two weekly applications.

Remember that summer is an excellent time to let our hair dry outdoors, avoiding damage to dryers, irons or tongs. Come to our pharmacy, and we will prepare your personalized routine to take care of your hair.

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