5 easy hairstyles for bedtime

Or do you continuously wake up at night because your hair is stuck under your beloved partner or even between your armpit ( Armpit? Yes armpit! Wait until it happens to you.) Or did you think you had a good haircut for the night? , but appears to be slightly uncomfortable? In other words: Are you close to despair, and are you anxious to go to bed for fear of what the night will bring for your hair? ( No, that’s not an unusual reaction. Justified fear.)

Let’s see how others do that with 5 of the most chosen hairstyles before going to sleep. Maybe your ideal night hairstyle is also among them, and you can go back to sleep with peace of mind.


For many people, a braid is the ideal night hairstyle. You can do it as extensively as you want, it looks beautiful, and the next day you wake up with curls (at least if you didn’t already have one, because otherwise, you will wake up with curls anyway).

I like to use braided braids or two braids – as I did in the photo – that is just a little more comfortable than a straight twist because the twist is more on the side of your head.

How do you make this hairstyle?

There are many braids that you can do. Do you want to do a simple twist but you don’t know how?

The Braid Up

Making sure that you do not get on your braid so quickly at night? Then braid up and throw your twist over your pillow!

How do you make this hairstyle?

Lie down and raise your hair. Then braid your hair upwards. So instead of starting at the bottom of your head with making a loose braid, you start making a loose braid high on top of your head.

The palm tree

I don’t have to tell you how this high ponytail got its nickname. Although on shorter hair and hair with layers, it looks like a palm tree. I have sometimes heard the nickname ‘ the pineapple ‘ come by, but I don’t see that in it.

The palm tree is especially suitable for shorter hair. With longer hair, you will soon be on top of your ponytail.

How do you make this hairstyle?

Hang upside down and collect your hair in a tail at the very top of your head. Secure it with a rubber band.

The Topknot

If you have longer hair, a bun is slightly more beautiful than a tail. And you can look just as ridiculous as you want.

How do you make this hairstyle?

It is effortless: you make a very high bun, one that you would prefer not to need sliders for, et voilĂ , sound sleep.

Loose hair

Okay, this feels a bit like cheating, because it’s not a haircut. But it is the way most people sleep: with their hair loose. And why not? If you have shorter hair, do not tumble too much and sleep on satin, this is a great option.

I also know girls who have such long hair that they throw it up and hang it over the top of the bed.

How do you make this ‘hairstyle’?

You get in bed. You lie down. And hopefully, you fall asleep quickly.

Other options:


No, I do not mean that you have to go for a glass of wine before going to bed – though, it can be pretty friendly from time to time -, but that you put your hair in a real satin nightcap. Especially for ladies with natural hair, this seems to be the right solution at night.

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