10 recommendations to take care of your hair after summer

The intensity of the sun’s rays and the prolonged exposure to the sun, the saltpeter, the sand, the chlorine of the pool and the constant humidity make your hair dry and dehydrate. That is why you will notice that your hair is more matte, dull, with split ends or malnourished, especially if you have it beautiful, with wicks or with color.

That is because the hair is naturally covered with a substance called keratin. It is a protein that protects hair inside and out. When it dries, it becomes brittle, and then it comes off. And keratin is the main one harmed by the external agents that we have mentioned.

Bringing back your hair shine and strength is simple, here are the best tips to get it:

1. Use a moisturizing and repairing shampoo. They nourish and repair the hair fiber and give your hair its elasticity and natural softness in addition to providing shine.

My favorites are:

  • Shampoo Karité intense nutrition of René Furterer.
  • Klorane Mango Moisturizing Shampoo.
  • Klorane Magnolia wax shampoo.
  • Klorane olive oil repairing and anti-aging shampoo.

2. When you wash your hair, still wet and after washing, apply a balm that gives you shine and nourishment from the middle strand to the ends. Leave it on for 5 minutes and lighten the hair. Before, pass a broad barbed brush to finish untangling it.

These products can be your allies:

-Balsam 5 Sens by René Furterer, with Safflower and Avocado extract, and Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Ricino oils.

-Okara hair balm with coloring by René Furterer.

3. Twice a week, replace the lotion with a mask that repairs and nourishes more intensely. It is used in the same way as a balm, although we recommend that you let it act for a longer time, in this way the product penetrates better.

My recommended products are:

  • Shea revitalizing mask of Rene Furterer.
  • Klorane Magnolia wax mask.

4. Finish the wash with cold water. In this way, we optimally close the hair fiber and give more shine to the hair.

6. Always avoid using dryers and irons, which damages the hair fiber. If you are going to use metals, I advise you to use René Furterer’s protective spray-thermo.

7. Always use gels and fixing natural creams.

8. A varied and balanced diet is also crucial in healthy hair since in summer, we also tend to neglect the diet. Foods rich in vitamins B, C, and B1 are especially useful to strengthen your hair and promote its birth. Here we explain what the most recommended nutrients are.

  • Take foods rich in vitamin B: egg, milk and derivatives, nuts, yeast, sunflower seeds, blue fish.
  • Also, foods rich in vitamin C: lemon, orange, strawberries, peppers (especially red ones), spinach.

9. If your problem is the fall, there are specific treatments that you can use, whether it is a hormonal fall, caused by stress, seasonal or chronic, such as the Klorane Quinine fall arrest line.

And as the last trick, we recommend brushing your hair before going to sleep, as you will remove dust and debris that accumulates in it during the day.

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