10 reasons why coconut oil is the best oil for your hair (Part 2)

6. Penetrates deep into your hair

Coconut oil is a triglyceride of lauric acid. Put more simply: it is a triple fat consisting mainly of lauric acid. Lauric acid is a fatty acid that also occurs naturally in our skin oil (wax). So it’s not so strange that your hair responds well to coconut oil.

And because of its low molecular weight and linear straight chain, may coconut oil is also another easily penetrate the hair shaft.

You will also notice that after a night’s sleep, your hair has absorbed part of the coconut oil that you have lubricated in your hair the night before.

7. Is one of the lighter oils for your hair

Coconut oil may seem fat, but this is not so bad. It is even relatively light oil, it is easy to distribute, and because it is absorbed in your hair, it does not stay that way. This means that your hair is not immediately strung, limp and fat, as with heavier oils such as olive oil happens quickly.

Of course, you have to lubricate moderately, also with coconut oil, but with a small amount, you can go a long way.

8. Protects your hair against the sun

Similarly, coconut oil, which has an SPF is 7.1. It, therefore, offers better protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun than, for example, almond, sesame, and castor oil. Only olive oil has a higher SPF of 7.5.

And as you have read, coconut oil helps to keep your hair hydrated, so it also prevents the sun from drying out

So you don’t have to worry that your hair will be baked with all the coconut oil in your hair.

Add some essential oil of Peppermint and your hair is extra well protected against the sun.

9.1 Is not super-priced

9.2 Is easily available

9.3 Stays good for a long time

Those are already three reasons to go for coconut oil. Coconut oil is becoming cheaper and cheaper these days. For around 15 euros you already have a liter.

Coconut oil is available almost everywhere, even with the Aldi nowadays. However, the quality can vary considerably between stores. It is advisable not to buy your coconut oil in the supermarket, but at an organic store or a store specialized in oils. kokoswinkel.nl. I buy it myself at Pit & Pit, where I also buy many other herbs and oils.

And if you put it in the fridge in hot weather – because it melts at 25 degrees – you can enjoy it for a year.

10. You can use it for many more things

For the skin

Coconut oil is not only okay for her. You can also use it for your skin, especially with dry skin, irritated skin, sunburned skin, eczema, and even with skin conditions caused by fungi, coconut oil can be used very well.


You can also cook nicely with coconut oil, I would take odors for your hair, but the extra natural virgin is delicious when cooking. It is very healthy and is even used to lose weight.

Brushing teeth and gum problems

You can also clean your teeth very thoroughly because it works antibacterial. It, therefore, works well against plaque.

And it has also been established that inflamed gums respond very well to coconut oil.

Oil Pulling

People in India use it for oil pulling, a detoxification of your body where you throw oil back and forth in your mouth for at least fifteen minutes.

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