10 reasons why coconut oil is the best oil for your hair (Part 1)

And that enthusiasm is contagious because I started applying it more to my hair with great success. I notice the difference! So now it is for me to light you with my enthusiasm!

Are you not yet convinced of the proper functioning of coconut oil? Here are ten reasons that will make you change your mind:

1. Ensures better-hydrated hair

Hair treated with coconut oil retains more moisture. On the other hand, the hair also absorbs less moisture. Research has shown that a considerable amount of moisture condensation – evaporated water – can penetrate the hair fibers so that the thirst of your hair is still quenched.

And well-hydrated hair has many benefits! It is healthier, stronger, more resilient, shinier and you will find that you are less bothered by fluff and split ends.

2. Protects against damage caused by combing, among other things

Coconut oil puts a protective, slippery layer over your hair. And that ensures, among other things, that your brush glides through your hair more efficiently and less damage is caused to your hair. This applies not only if you apply coconut oil before combing, but also if you use coconut oil as a pre-wash before showering – before your hair gets wet.

Several studies show that hair that was combed wet, even after being washed with SLS shampoo, was less damaged when coconut oil was used as a pre-wash. Not only with healthy hair but also with bleached hair and boiled hair, it made a big difference.

3. Makes your hair swell less when you get wet

When your hair gets wet, it grows, and there is pressure on the hair scales – the ‘roof tiles’ of your hair. – Because oil is hydrophobic – meaning it does not mix with waterless water can enter the hair if you apply coconut oil before getting wet. In this way, much less pressure is placed on the hair scales from the inside, so that they are not pushed up that way and therefore do not break down so quickly.

4. Reduces hard action of ingredients such as SLS

By applying coconut oil before washing, you protect your hair against the harmful effects of your shampoo. Many shampoos – especially those with SLS as ingredients – actually clean much too vigorously, which means that the oils that your hair needs to stay healthy disappear when washing. But with coconut oil in your hair, the shampoo will first have to go through it before it can reach the other essential oils.

* Often you don’t get coconut oil wholly washed out with shampoo. The trick is then to use conditioner, which releases the oil.

5. Has more effect than other fats

During her research, coconut oil has been compared with mineral oil and sunflower oil, among other things. It turned out that coconut oil worked much better. The difference was incredibly significant since both mineral oil and sunflower oil did not reduce protein loss (breaking downscales). While coconut oil worked very well.

Incidentally, I have not come across a comparison with oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil, and black cumin oil, so I cannot say with certainty that coconut oil is better than those oils.

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