Potato and bacon cake: the recipe for the child in all of us

There are flavors and foods that are capable of stopping time to make us salivate and fill us with delicious memories. For cakes and pizza you can learn more here pizzaovenradar.com.If Maggi mashed potatoes are already, by itself, a dish that takes us back to childhood, try dressing it as a potato cake with bacon to make it an irresistible snack for young and old.

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How easy to choose a hairdressing chair?

Modern business conditions, such as high competition, force most entrepreneurs to actively compete for customers. Of course, no one is talking about the need to fight with their fists, however, certain efforts will have to be made in order to achieve high levels of competitiveness in the market of hairdressing and cosmetic services. So, you need to create a high-quality service, which can be realized only by providing a comfortable work for the master and convenience for the client. This is precisely the goal pursued by the creators of hairdressing chairs. What it is? This is a special chair, the design of which took into account the peculiarities of the work of a specialist engaged in cutting, painting, styling, as well as performing other actions with the hair of clients who have trusted him.
Look salon chair comparison, if you need help.

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Are you looking to use the Forex to make money online?

The Forex market is a currency market available world wide 24 hours a day. The Forex is a foreign exchange that allows traders to buy or sell one currency against another. Currency trading is the most liquid and highest volume type of trading available. Each and every day trillions of dollars are exchanged on the Forex. The Foreign Exchange Market is an informal network of trading relationships between the world’s major banks and other marketContinue reading

Changes in skin, hair, and hair during menopause (Part 2)

The hair in menopause Also, at the hair level, we find changes. Hair growth slows, and hair becomes thinner and shorter, which sometimes results in a certain degree of alopecia. The scalp, as in the rest of the skin, becomes drier. If the hormonal mismatch is more significant, with high levels of androgens or a family history of baldness, it is possible to find female androgenic alopecia. This alopecia is not exclusive to menopause andContinue reading

8 things for my hair that I really can’t do without

This entire adventure made me think about which hair gear I really can’t do without. What is indispensable for me and my hair? This article was created with the support of the Mystraightener blog. Eight things for my hair that I really can’t do without: Tangle Teezer Sheep. I didn’t need more reason than that to purchase a Tangle Teezer. After brushing the first few times, I didn’t like it at all. It was justContinue reading

How should I take care of my hair during pregnancy?

Its effects may vary depending on each woman and the stage of pregnancy in which she is. In some cases, the hair becomes more oily, weakened, and dull. In others, it strengthens and acquires more shine or changes texture from being curled to more straight. And other future moms keep their hair the same, without being sensitive to any alteration. It is best not to lower your guard in any case and take good careContinue reading

Tips to prevent baldness or chronic hair loss

It occurs mostly in men (75%), but it also affects women (in 25% of cases). In men, baldness usually occurs in the area of ​​the crown and the front of the head. In the case of women, only at the upper level of the head and a little on the sides. Rarely does female baldness occur? If you lose hair abundantly (much and very fast), you may have a fall called telogen effluvium that isContinue reading

What is telogen effluvium or rapid hair loss?

It differs in other types of alopecia, especially from the androgenic (genetic and chronic), in that the telogen is very evident and fast, since a lot of hair falls suddenly, while in the androgenic, the loss is slow and It shows when we see clares in the scalp. When should we worry? If we run our hands through our hair several times a day and we have more than fifteen hairs left in our hands,Continue reading

The best foods for healthy hair

When you have a nutritional deficiency or a health problem, your hair can suffer the consequences. Therefore, to have healthy hair, we have to follow a correct diet, with a balanced supply of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Here are the most important and in what foods you can find them: Sulfur: Essential in the production of keratin (the protein that brings strength and volume to the hair), you can consume it in vegetablesContinue reading

5 easy hairstyles for bedtime

Or do you continuously wake up at night because your hair is stuck under your beloved partner or even between your armpit ( Armpit? Yes armpit! Wait until it happens to you.) Or did you think you had a good haircut for the night? , but appears to be slightly uncomfortable? In other words: Are you close to despair, and are you anxious to go to bed for fear of what the night will bringContinue reading

Rapunzels of today: These women have really long hair!

I don’t want to have it myself for a long time. Although I do draw the line for myself at the hip. But that doesn’t stop me from admiring super long hair – like that of the ladies below. Because of how beautiful it is! (Although short hair can also be lovely though);) Sonya Cristy – Knee length When I saw a photo of Sonya’s hair on Pinterest, my mouth fell open. I think I’veContinue reading

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase: 6 benefits for your hair

No ‘sleep-friendly’ hairstyle can withstand my nocturnal bustle. My version of ‘Out of Bed Hair’ is therefore not nearly as sexy as the one in commercials. In any case, that was true, until I bought a satin duvet cover and laid my head on a lovely satin pillow what an oasis of luxury is that! And what a difference it makes for your hair! Although I don’t dare say that my ‘Out of Bed Hair’Continue reading

10 reasons why coconut oil is the best oil for your hair (Part 1)

And that enthusiasm is contagious because I started applying it more to my hair with great success. I notice the difference! So now it is for me to light you with my enthusiasm! Are you not yet convinced of the proper functioning of coconut oil? Here are ten reasons that will make you change your mind: 1. Ensures better-hydrated hair Hair treated with coconut oil retains more moisture. On the other hand, the hair alsoContinue reading

5-step routine to take care of your hair in summer

Fortunately, we are increasingly aware of the importance of using photoprotection on the body and face, but it is still a pending issue to take care of our hair and scalp from the harmful effects of UV rays to avoid burns, keratosis and other skin diseases. Also, excess sun breaks, burns, and makes our hair porous, which loses shine and nutrients, turns off the colors and lightens natural tones, especially the blond ones. On theContinue reading

How a wrong pH value can ruin your hair (Part 1)

While on the other hand, a proper pH value contributes to healthy and shiny hair. Let’s take a look at how that works correctly and what you can do yourself to bring the pH value of your hair up to date and to maintain it. What does pH value mean? The pH value is used to indicate how acidic or basic something is. What happens in the numbers 0 to 14. A pH of 7Continue reading

10 reasons why coconut oil is the best oil for your hair (Part 2)

6. Penetrates deep into your hair Coconut oil is a triglyceride of lauric acid. Put more simply: it is a triple fat consisting mainly of lauric acid. Lauric acid is a fatty acid that also occurs naturally in our skin oil (wax). So it’s not so strange that your hair responds well to coconut oil. And because of its low molecular weight and linear straight chain, may coconut oil is also another easily penetrate theContinue reading

Why don’t you protect your hair from the sun?

We choose the best photoprotection and after-sun products, depending on our age, hours of sun exposure, skin type … But why don’t we do the same with the hair? This week we visited the headquarters of Rene Furterer where a specialist has explained to us the main summer aggressions that our hair suffers and has proposed a specific solar ritual. The sun, chlorine, salt, sand, and wind are enemies to the brightness, luminosity, and hydrationContinue reading

Changes in skin, hair, and hair during menopause (Part 1)

Let’s start with the skin. The skin in menopause Menopause causes dry skin and decreased elasticity. The elastin and collagen fibers degrade, and the skin becomes thinner. All this produces a duller, rougher appearance, with more significant sagging and lower luminosity. Also, estrogens, which control the functioning of melanocytes, cells responsible for skin tone, decrease, losing control over melanin and causing the appearance of pigmentation spots that cause the sound to stop being uniform, especiallyContinue reading

Discover your hair length with the hair length scheme!

To make it easier for you – and myself – I made an overview of all hair lengths, names, and abbreviations. With, I hope, clear descriptions at which point of your body you have reached a certain height. Both viewed from the front – as I prefer to keep it – and viewed from the rear. The main lengths Short shaved (Buzzcut) This speaks for itself. A clean slate to start all over again. EyebrowsContinue reading

Benefits of shea butter for skin and hair

Among them, today we talk about the shea, known as ‘Green Gold,’ which is a powerful cell regenerator, with moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging properties for both skin and hair. Also, it is rich in unsaponifiable, a type of lipid with anti-inflammatory effects. African mothers have used it for centuries as a cosmetic and therapeutic product for the whole family. In our day today, it is increasingly common to use it in body creams or hairContinue reading

We have tested: Klorane quinine fall arrest line

When we lose our hair, the first thing we think about is to recover it, although, in reality, the most urgent thing is to stop the fall. To achieve this it is essential to diagnose the cause of alopecia thoroughly and apply a personalized treatment, which will include a hair treatment, but also an adequate diet and, if necessary, a nutritional supplement. That’s why I take an iron supplement and, for my hair, I optedContinue reading

The 5 most common mistakes in hair care

We must bear in mind that throughout our life, it goes through many situations such as dyes, a bad treatment, the lime of the water, the sun, the passing of the years, and a lousy way of washing and combing it … Yes, you read correctly! I have sinned some mistakes when it comes to maintaining it … over time and many courses I have learned that I was not doing well, and that isContinue reading

Why include castor oil in your cosmetic routine?

Indeed, our grandparents were used to using this remedy in cases of constipation. It was a powerful and economical remedy. But now we propose a radical change in the application of this valuable oil that was already used in the time of Cleopatra for cosmetic purposes. Its nourishing and repairing properties for nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair have been rediscovered and are being incorporated into the most fashionable beauty rituals. We explain why. Castor oilContinue reading

10 recommendations to take care of your hair after summer

The intensity of the sun’s rays and the prolonged exposure to the sun, the saltpeter, the sand, the chlorine of the pool and the constant humidity make your hair dry and dehydrate. That is why you will notice that your hair is more matte, dull, with split ends or malnourished, especially if you have it beautiful, with wicks or with color. That is because the hair is naturally covered with a substance called keratin. ItContinue reading

How a wrong pH value can ruin your hair (Part 2)

Because how often do you see the term come by at all? Very occasionally you may see pH-neutral on a product sometime, but to say that that is very often. So how important can it be? What happens to your hair when the pH value is too high (> 5)? The negative energy in your hair increases, and the hair scales become soft and open up. This leads to: More tangles More fluff Dull hairContinue reading

How can we avoid hair aging?

But let’s not forget that our hair also ages. The hair, like the skin, is exposed to both external and internal factors, which we will explain later, that weaken and age it. Some even accelerate their normal aging rhythm. Hair aging begins at approximately 35 years due to hormonal changes experienced by women. From this age, the production of estrogens decreases hormones that have a positive effect on the hair cycle. As a consequence, itContinue reading